The Biomechanics Research Group is located at the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The group works on several fields of biomechanics related to orthopaedics, product design, sports, tissue engineering and computational ergonomics.

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The group comprises a handful faculty members and at any time a number of Ph.D. and master students. We work collectively in an office/lab environment where everybody from professors to students sit together and cooperate.

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The group's research is multidisciplinary by nature. Much activity is in the field of musculoskeletal simulation, but we are also involved in more discipline-specific science such as osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injuries, anthropometry and sports engineering.

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We love to host guests in the group and our setup supports this very well. Guests typically bring domain expertise about a particular research field that complements our general knowledge about modeling, mechanics, IT and such. Together we can make amazing science.

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