The group

Biomechanics is the science of mechanics of living organisms. The group studies the field on many different levels from cells to whole humans, and we have even been known to make models of cows. The group's expertise is on the border between mechanical and biomedical engineering, and we are particularly well-founded in simulation methods, such as musculoskeletal simulation based on multbody dynamics and tissue simulation with the finite element method.

The group is the origin of the well-known musculoskeletal simulation system, the AnyBody Modeling System. This system was conceived and initially developed by group members, and eventually came to life on its own and was spun out to a commercial company, AnyBody Technology. One of the group's main activities is still to conduct research into better simulation methods and applications of them.

The group conducts teaching mainly in the M.Sc. program on Sports Technology and the B.Sc. program on Sports Science, both under the School of Medicine and Health. This has sparked a natural interest in the field of sports biomechanics, addressing subjects like cycling, racket sports and yachting.

We run a quite active Facebook Group for previous visitors, friends and others interested in our work. John Rasmussen blogs about biomechanics topics at irregular intervals.


Please direct general questions about the group to Professor John Rasmussen.

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