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musculoskeletal modeling

Models of the mechanics of the body

Musculoskeletal modeling is at the core of the Biomechanics Group's research. The group is the origin of the AnyBody Modeling System, which was spun out to a private company, AnyBody Technology, in 2001. Close scientific cooperation with AnyBody Technology has remained ever since with several joint research projects, also comprising scientidts from the Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI). The picture shows one of the very detailed musculoskeletal models, which can simulate mechanical properties such as forces in muscles and joints while performing different tasks.

We research all aspects of musculoskeletal modeling, ranging from basic science to applications. The latter can be grouped into a number of categories:

  • Orthopedics: How to design an knee replacement, or what are the forces crossing a metal plate for fixation of a fractured clavicle?
  • Ergonomic design of industrial products, for instance cars, hand tools and furniture.
  • Occupational ergonomics: Which intervention would best offload the injured shoulder of an office worker?
  • Sports biomechanics: Which is the best starting technique in ski cross, and how can you optimally adjust a bicycle to the anthropometry of the rider?

There are many videos of our models and presentations of the research behind available on Youtube.

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